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Gabriel Kuhn Case (2023): Everything You Need To Know


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Two decades back, cruel news spread like fire where a Brazilian youth Daniel Petry abused Gabriel Kuhn, a fellow youth from the same area and then murdered him.

The tragedy unfolded in Santa Catarina, Brazil, in the summer of 2007. The murder of Gabriel by Petry is among the most disturbing cases of modern homicide. The crime’s twisted absurdity has become a popular topic in horror communities. The photos from this murder scene are among the most disturbing online. Read this article to know about the tragic Gabriel Kuhn case.

Gabriel Kuhn Case: An Overview

While every last detail of the Brazilian case has been public knowledge since the day it broke, everyone who was there has vanished without a trace. That includes the sole offender, Daniel Petry, in particular.

Petry’s life after prison and the answers to the questions of what he is doing now require recounting the events leading up to and including the day he murdered Gabriel. Read on to discover everything that went down in the Gabriel Kuhn case trial.

Born in the modern era, Daniel Petry was a troubled child

Daniel Felipe Petry, the culprit of Gabriel Kuhn case, was born in 1991. Blumenau, Santa Catarina was his hometown. Here is a brief understanding of his character:

  • Even as a young child, Petry seemed a bit of a rebel and quite the aggressive little guy.
  • He allegedly had a very low tolerance for provocation and would respond with extreme violence.
  • Daniel had also dabbled in psychiatric therapies for his violent temper, but he had not been a regular attendee, and the treatment had not helped him.
  • Killer of 12-year-old Gabriel Kuhn, Daniel Petry would frequently skip class and disappear.
  • Petry primarily occupied his time at home with Brazilian television.
  • He was also an internet user who enjoyed the MMORPG Tibia.
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Online gaming introduced Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn

Daniel and Gabriel, whose name is Gabriel Guillermo Kuhn, were fans of the MMORPG above Tibia, which is how they initially met. A common theory about why Daniel killed Gabriel is that Gabriel owed him about 20,000 Tibiaan dinars (about $1.75 at the time). However, Kuhn did not return the money, and it is widely believed that this was the final straw that prompted Petry to kill Gabriel.

Gabriel allegedly refused to return Daniel’s money despite repeated requests from Daniel. According to reports, Kuhn also severed all virtual ties with Petry by removing him from all contact lists. After this, Daniel was so enraged that he decided to call Gabriel’s mom. She texted Gabriel to let him know she was out of the house.

Gabriel Kuhn Case: the murder and the reason leading to it

Daniel visited Kuhn at home after learning he would be alone there. When Kuhn first met Daniel, he hesitated to let him into the house. Petry, however, insisted, saying he wished to express regret. After some time, Gabriel unlocked the door and invited Daniel inside.

Daniel locked the door behind him when he entered Gabriel’s home and began attacking him.

Later, Petry dragged Kuhn to the bed and sexually assaulted him. Daniel then began buttoning his trousers. The bleeding and sobbing Gabriel, who had just started laughing, did so simultaneously. He warned Daniel that he would tell his parents about what had happened.

Gabriel Kuhn Case: Daniel Petry’s graphic description of Gabriel’s murder.  

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After Gabriel threatened Kuhn, Petry had Daniel unplug the gaming console left at Kuhn’s house so that Kuhn wouldn’t tell his parents. He continued beating Gabriel while he wrapped it around his neck. Blood from Kuhn’s wounds had already spread. Petry assumed Gabriel was dead after he left him in a coma and tried to conceal his body in the attic.

Gabriel attempted to lift Kuhn’s body but quickly realised he couldn’t. He dismembered Kuhn’s body so that he could carry it away more easily. This led Daniel to the garage, where he retrieved a knife and hacksaw. He then began dismembering Gabriel by severing his torso from his legs.

While Kuhn was still alive, Petry sawed his body

Petry began sawing Gabriel’s body down from the waist to lighten Kuhn’s load. But after only a couple of saw strokes, Kuhn came to and, realising what was happening, screamed in agony. Daniel kept seeing, this time harder and faster, and eventually, he tore Gabriel in half.

Reportedly, Kuhn died sometime during the dismemberment of his body after losing consciousness from the shock a second time. But the violence didn’t end there; after Daniel cut Gabriel’s legs off, he continued to pound Kuhn and carved Tibia symbols into his chest.

Then, Daniel decided against thorough body disposal and left Gabriel’s body in the hallway trap door. Blood splattered every inch of the corridor, and Petry’s hacksaw and Kuhn’s severed legs remained in the hall. Gabriel and Daniel were 12 on the day of the murder (July 23, 2007), but Daniel was 16 then. The brutal murder occurred in Santa Catarina, a state in southern Brazil, as previously mentioned.

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In a casual conversation, Daniel Petry admitted to killing Gabriel Kuhn.

As soon as the authorities confronted Daniel, he confessed to every aspect of the crime without any reluctance or remorse, so his arrest was relatively painless. Shockingly, he also detailed every gruesome aspect of the murder he’d committed earlier that afternoon. Daniel’s refusal to admit to sodomising his victim was the only thing he wouldn’t discuss.

According to the autopsy results, Gabriel was raped multiple times in the minutes leading up to his death. Petry told Judge Pereira during his sentencing hearing,

Gabriel Kuhn case: Petry’s jail time totalled only three years

After hearing evidence, the court decided to commit Petry to a juvenile delinquency facility in September of the year of the murder. But instead of a lengthy prison term, he received only three years of community service and counselling. Several Tibia players from different parts of the world have spoken out since the murder and Petry’s imprisonment, condemning Daniel’s violent killing and protesting the relatively short sentence he received for it.

The top executives at the game studio sent their condolences to Gabriel and his loved ones. One possible explanation for Daniel’s murderous outburst against Gabriel is that Gabriel tried to silence him about Daniel’s long history of sexual misconduct with Kuhn before the day of the murder.


It’s concerning that at age 32, Daniel Petry may still be at large. Now, he calls Brazil home. Search engines have scrubbed the web of any trace of this ex-convict’s identity out of an abundance of caution and privacy concerns.


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