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Where Can I Find the Best Taxi Service from Chandigarh?


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With its hustle and bustle lifestyle filled with lots of activities and attractions, Chandigarh is a sightseeing paradise that draws tourists from all around India and abroad. To cater to the growing number of travellers coming here by air, trains and roadways, many independent cab companies offer reasonably priced cabs for hire. So whether you plan to visit places like Sukhna Lake, Sector 17, Rock Garden, Elante Mall and Panchkula or shop till you drop at Shastri Market; book a car rental now. Here are a few ways how you can locate affordable taxi services in Chandigarh.

Call Ahead

Book ahead of time to ensure you receive a great deal on cab rides around town. Taxi companies frequently provide discounted rates for booking trips earlier. Plus, comparing fares allows you to pick the best vehicle type for your travel needs – whether you prefer SUV cabs, minivans, sedans or luxury cars.

Shop around

Finding the cheapest taxi rates in Chandigarh doesn’t require much effort; all you need to do is review price quotes from several local cab drivers. Compare fares by making calls directly to taxis or booking rides through ride sharing websites such as Uber and Ola. But they are not available every time and offer very low-quality service. 

Select the right type of vehicle

Selecting the perfect car model for your next road trip can serve multiple purposes; saving money and helping you conserve energy come into consideration. Moreover, depending on how many people you’re taking along on your adventure, whether solo or otherwise, different choices can provide various levels of convenience regarding safety, storage space, seating capacity, and weight distribution. Smaller cars tend to offer better gas mileage per gallon while providing less cargo room than compact models. Larger options, however, boast greater passenger volume plus ample trunk space. Also, check out price versus capability before making your final decision.

Try not to camp during peak hours

The earliest taxis operate around 6 AM and tend to run until midnight or 1 AM. They offer cheap fares, though prices increase after 8 PM. Avoid taking trips through rush hour periods, which tends to raise the price of rides considerably. Also bear in mind that many airports serve all flights throughout the day; therefore, flight delays do come into play here. Try avoiding travel during times that see increased traffic congestion, raising costs tremendously. Go for cheaper options outside these busy days instead.


Whether you’re travelling solo, part of a larger family unit, or heading into town together, negotiating prices with taxis isn’t rocket science. By working with the driver directly – rather than through the company he works for – you can secure cheaper rates by agreeing upfront on what amount you both agree upon before making the journey. Also, ask about special offers or promotions that drivers run.


The search for an inexpensive cab service begins by researching fares, reading reviews about various companies, checking websites, contacting friends who work at local hotels, and asking questions before making a commitment. Be prepared ahead of time — avoid calling taxis near busy streets or after midnight; compare rates among different operators; negotiate fees, especially for airport transfers; select cabs carefully based upon safety records and driver reputation; check ratings for customer satisfaction; book trips using credit cards instead of cash; ask specific details regarding travel routes, car models, and licenses; monitor fuel consumption and mileage. All of these steps can keep costs under control while ensuring quality transportation.


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