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Sonos' Certified Refurbished Store Just Restocked


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Elevate your home audio or TV viewing experience with a certified refurbished Sonos speaker–Roam SL or One SL–or soundbar–Arc SL or Beam Gen 1–at a rare discount.

Sonos  (SONO) – Get Free Report is known for delivering excellent audio in a range of sizes from speakers to sound bars that all work in a connected ecosystem. The process of playing music isn’t complicated either as it’s controlled from an intuitive app–for Android or iOS–that integrates with nearly all the major services.

Sonos isn’t the cheapest speaker solution in the game though, so a restocking of the brand’s “certified refurbished” store is excellent news. It’s currently filled with four excellent deals across speakers and soundbars.

These aren’t brand new though, as “certified refurbished” means that these speakers have gone through testing at Sonos and aren’t brand new. They do come with the same warranty as non-refurbished speakers and cheaper price tags.

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Refurbished One SL in Shadow ($159, originally $199 new at Sonos)


If you’re alright without voice control or have privacy concerns around integrated microphones, the One SL speaker deserves a look. It’s still a smart speaker as you’ll control it wirelessly from the Sonos app and it sounds the same as the standard One with robust audio.

Inside the One SL is a mid woofer, a tweeter, and two digital amplifiers to produce audio that you can customize the mix on. If you’re focused on music, this speaker won’t disappoint and at $159 it’s cheaper than ever in this certified refurbished condition.

Shop the Refurbished Sonos One SL here.

Refurbished Arc SL ($679 at Sonos)


The Sonos Arc is one of the best soundbars I’ve ever tested and is really a “chef’s kiss” listening experience. It’s two-fold as it works with movies or TV shows as well as music. Like the One SL, the Arc SL ditches the microphones so it doesn’t feature voice control.

Giving the Arc SL a powerful punch is an impressive hardware stack inside: 11 digital amplifiers, three tweeters, and eight woofers are purposely placed throughout the 45-inch in length soundbar. This all comes together for a single soundbar that can spatially place sound and deliver an immersive experience.

Shop the Refurbished Sonos Arc SL here.

Refurbished Roam ($139, originally $179 new at Sonos)


Sonos’ second product with Bluetooth is the ultra-portable Roam. Basically the size of a water bottle with a rugged-ready design that produces sound surprisingly loud for its size. It can throw punches with competing Bluetooth speakers thanks to a tweeter, a mid woofer, and two digital amplifiers inside.

Notably, the Roam connects to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This way you can use Bluetooth for instant playback wherever and when home it integrates with the Sonos ecosystem. Meaning that you can group it with other speakers and it connects via Wi-Fi.

Shop the Refurbished Sonos Roam here.

Refurbished Gen 1 Beam ($319 at Sonos)


Let us be clear, this is not the latest Beam soundbar with improved audio and Dolby Atmos support. This is the first generation Beam, but for most TVs it will still significantly upgrade the sound experience.

It plugs right into your TV via HDMI and will deliver strong audio with enough speakers for great audio. Five digital amplifiers, a tweeter, four mid woofers, and three radiators live inside the Beam. Additionally, this does boast microphones for voice control and integrates swimmingly with the rest of the ecosystem.

Shop the Refurbished Sonos Gen 1 Beam here.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.


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