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Is ethereum the only potential decentralized finance ecosystem?


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Complexity in interactions makes decentralization an appealing solution to the challenges held at this level. Platforms have fantastic features like a user-friendly interface, suitability for all traders and unique trading tools for bitcoin traders. Blockchain technology offers a compelling solution at its core because of its fundamental design attributes, such as decentralization, immutability,” and transparency. Learn more then click here

But other exciting blockchain solutions have been designed with different objectives: scalability, interoperability, etc. Moreover, in the crypto ecosystem, many blockchain ecosystems are emerging to solve specific problems.

 It seems that for every vertical in finance, there is an attractive blockchain-enabled solution. But does that mean that the only potential decentralized finance ecosystem is ethereum? Ethereum’s vision is one of the shared global computers on which decentralized applications can be built and run. If the world needs a global bank, and ethereum is to be that bank, then it must be the only blockchain capable of running such applications.  

Other blockchains may not yet be at the same level of maturity or technical innovation as ethereum (it’s hard to imagine any blockchain that isn’t an ethereum fork being more innovative than ethereum). Still, other blockchains can undoubtedly work towards solving problems faced by industries outside of finance and tech. A growing list of distributed ledgers is being built to solve decentralized problems outside of finance and tech.

Is ethereum the only viable tool for decentralized finance?

Today ethereum is the leading blockchain that provides solutions for financial services, but it isn’t the only solution in this space. So this notion that ethereum only has one potential use-case as a bank could be limiting (and entirely possibly incorrect) because there are other potential services available on parallel blockchains, platforms or solutions that ethereum doesn’t compete against (yet). 

As other protocols mature, it is less likely that one blockchain will provide financial services and more likely to see multiple solutions for multiple services. Therefore, another essential aspect of addressing financial services is interoperability. We need digital assets and assets in different decentralized systems to work together for the blockchain ecosystem to thrive. 

And ethereum is just one example of a blockchain built to provide solutions for financial services: coloured coins, counterparties, bit shares, and others. One vision is that ethereum is the only bank in town, but it could also be the only solution for any possible use-case scenario. Other solutions are being built for particular use cases. At this point, every finance vertical has an exciting solution that is being developed outside of ethereum — check out some of these blockchains: This could turn into a good thing if multiple distributed ledgers are used to solve problems in multiple industries.

How Does DeFi Work?

The decentralized financial system is a new way of looking at how we can provide financial services. It is also an intense area of research, given that it requires the development of foundational technology such as smart contracts, distributed ledgers and digital asset issuance. 

A significant reason that decentralized financial solutions are so important is the inherent nature of many institutions providing centralized financial services. Centralization exists because it is more efficient – it adds significant value to organizations by making them more powerful and efficient at scale. For example, users built centralized banking systems partly because settlements were more efficient when they were centralized. Decentralized systems have the potential to be equally or even more efficient, but there are several challenges (both technical and social) when compared to centralized solutions.

Decentralization allows the creation of many different financial services providers (dApps) that are not bound to any organization or entity. It makes it much easier to create your bank, broker or other financial services provider since no single company is making all the decisions — it is more democratic in its structure, and the governance of such organizations is more varied and democratic.

How is ethereum embracing decentralized finance?

The ethereum project was not created by anyone in the financial industry, and bitcoin’s rise in price drove its initial success, but this shouldn’t discount the potential value that ethereum provides as a platform that people can use to create decentralized solutions. Ethereum provides the infrastructure required to allow individuals, organizations and companies to build their solutions on top of it. Several projects currently available are using ethereum as a platform to build decentralized financial solutions. 

The value of a blockchain community

One of the biggest challenges with decentralized finance is that there is no central authority to make decisions or enforce rules – everything is done by consensus. It means that you have no regulatory body to enforce rules and no one making sure all the rules are followed. It can create a feeling of insecurity among participants in the ecosystem.

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