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Elon Musk And Tesla Tease Electric Planes


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At Tesla’s Investor Day on March 1, the billionaire said it’s possible to have battery-powered boats and planes.

Elon Musk unveiled on March 1 the third part of Tesla’s “Master Plan”, or the mission that the billionaire assigns to the manufacturer of electric vehicles to transform society towards a sustainable energy economy. 

This plan obviously includes a complete transformation of modes of transport. In the automobile, Tesla has already pushed the entire sector to develop electric vehicles, thus reducing polluting emissions. 

The company has just revealed a new vehicle manufacturing platform aimed at reducing production costs by 50%. The goal is to offer low cost vehicles in order to reach the masses who still shy away from electric vehicles because of the often prohibitive prices.

“All cars will go to fully electric and autonomous,” Musk during the presentation.

The techno king also seems to think that electric boats and planes are the new frontier. In any case, this is what he suggested by including the boats and the planes in the presentation made to investors in a live streamed event.

“A necessary part of the pie is sustainably fueling planes and boats,” Drew Baglino, SVP, Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, said on the stage. “Shipping accounts for 3% of global CO2. It’s right for electrification, even with lithium ion, phosphate. Long haul ships can be fully battery powered, so that’s a great opportunity to electrify.

He acknowledged that energy density a bit “harder” to have battery powered planes “but short haul is doable today.”

“With some improvements will get long haul underway, but even in the meantime, we can leverage sustainable aviation fuels produced and stored using excess renewable electricity. There’s a lot of work going on this space,” Musk said.

Musk then added that to get long range battery powered aircrafts and boats you need to redesign the ship and the plane

“Just like with an electric car, you wouldn’t just, you know, take a gasoline car and stick a battery in it. That’s very suboptimal. It’s much more efficient to have the battery beat the structure of the car.” he said, adding that “if that’s done with the aircraft you can get long range aircraft.”

Musk concluded that: “As we improve the energy density of batteries you’ll see all transportation go fully electric, with the exception of rockets.”

The billionaire didn’t say if Tesla was going to build battery powered boats and planes or it’s just recommendations to aircraft manufacturers.


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