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4 Delicious & Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes


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The holidays are upon us which means there will be gooey chocolate chip cookies and homemade pie at your fingertips. (who’s complaining). Although, ‘tis the season to indulge a bit more, if you’re looking to stay on track, there are healthy and delicious holiday dessert recipes so you don’t have to sweat the sweets this year.

“Many people don’t realize that healthy alternatives to holiday sweets are possible.” Says Chef Christine Cheesman and mother of three. And, with a few adjustments, swaps, and kitchen confidence, you’ll be enjoying tasty these healthy holiday dessert recipes all season long.

With that, Chef Chessman has put together protein-packed, easy-to-make desserts perfect for holiday feasting, minus the guilt (and bloating).


Female in an apron baking healthy holiday dessert recipes
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Chef Christine’s Tips on Baking Up Heathy Dessert Recipes (Without sacrificing flavor)

1. Cut sugar

Rotten Teeth are your least concern when it comes to sugar.
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Not entirely that is, “Cut the sugar amount in half and/or use a sugar substitute that includes stevia.” Says Chef Chessman. “Try to stay away from artificial sweeteners, and instead use natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, dates, or coconut sugar.” She recommends.

2. Move Over Margarine

Swapping margarine with coconut oil, avocado oil, or ghee will keep your desserts creamy and tasty without unwanted bad fats.

3. Add Tasty Bling

A spoonful of chocolate chips for healthy dessert recipes

“Add mini chocolate chips, natural sprinkles, or other textured toppings to attract family to the healthier desserts.” Says Chef Cheesman. A little “tasty bling” on the outside works wonders to draw people to healthy options.

4. Don’t Swap These Flours

Unless you want your desserts as hard as a rock, “Don’t use coconut flour in place of wheat flour as Coconut flour is not a 1:1 replacement for wheat flour.” Says Chef Cheesman.

5. Be Brave and Creative in the Kitchen

Happy mother teaching her son and daughter to bake healthy holiday treats
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Even if you’re not a seasoned baker, “It can be fun to experiment with new recipes and ideas.” Says Chef Cheesman. Think outside the box and invite family members to get involved.

6. Still Practice Portion Control

Even though healthier desserts are better for you and maybe more nutritious, it doesn’t mean we should eat the whole plate.” Keep excess sweets in the freezer instead of the counter to help ration the goodies; We are less tempted to eat the treats when they are out of sight.” Chef Chessman recommends.

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